Defamation and First Amendment

Defamation law is an important tool to hold wrongdoers accountable for publishing damaging falsehoods. In today’s climate where outrage and narrative can be more appealing than the truth, some unscrupulous people and institutions cannot resist the lure of lies for profit. We represent plaintiffs whose reputations have been damaged and whose lives have been upended by legally actionable falsehoods.

But like any legal tool, defamation can also be overused and applied in inappropriate circumstances. When the rich and powerful use defamation as a cudgel to insulate themselves from constitutionally protected free speech, we represent defendants who face frivolous and intimidating claims. In some cases, we can help get these claims dismissed, and even force a frivolous plaintiff to pay the attorneys’ fees.

Our notable cases include:

  • Jankowicz v. Fox News Network, (District of Delaware) – Representing Nina Jankowicz, an internationally recognized expert in disinformation and the former Executive Director of the Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security, in her lawsuit alleging defamation against Fox News and Fox Corporation from their malicious months-long campaign of coverage against her, causing a cascade of harm including doxing, harassment, cyberstalking, and death threats.

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