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"We have gone up against big companies and top-dollar law firms and prevailed."

Complex Litigation

Complex litigation is a term with as many meanings as there are lawyers. To us, it means a case that can involve thorny questions of law, complicated facts, multiple parties, or novel issues. Sometimes clients come to us after separating from prior counsel looking for a fresh approach, or unsure where to start when communication breaks down and a dispute arises.

We love to untangle a complicated legal issue. If it involves trying something new to improve the law as a tool for our client’s rights and the public good, even better. We thrive by being not just clear and persuasive, but also creative.

We typically represent plaintiffs seeking vindicate their rights, recover what they have lost, or use the law to effect change and make a broader impact for the public good. We also represent defendants in some cases. In both contexts, we have gone up against big companies and top-dollar law firms and prevailed.

Our notable past and current complex litigation matters include:

  • Representing a spendthrift trust in complex multi-jurisdictional civil dispute seeking recovery of misappropriated trust assets.
  • Madjitov v. United States (Eastern District of New York) – Obtained a favorable settlement for undocumented immigrant who was assaulted by ICE while in detention.
  • Bianculli et al. v. City of New York Office of Labor Relations et al., (New York County Supreme Court) – Represented a proposed class of over 200,000 New York City municipal retirees challenging the imposition of copays in their retirement health care benefits. Successfully obtained a preliminary injunction and grant of class certification.
  • Tipsy Nail Club LLC v. ClassPass Inc. (Southern District of New York) – Obtained favorable settlement for class action of small businesses who alleged they were unlawfully listed as partners on ClassPass online platform without consent.
  • Represented a software company wrongly sued in Southern District of New York without notice through ex parte temporary restraining order. Successfully overturned TRO, prevented preliminary injunction, and caused case to be voluntarily dismissed.

Note: This page may include matters and descriptions of work completed prior to joining Law Office of Max Rodriguez PLLC.

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