NYC Retirees Say Medicare Benefit Switch Breaks Promises

Kellie Mejdrich


New York City should be blocked from shifting over 250,000 retired city workers onto a privatized Medicare Advantage plan and off traditional Medicare and supplemental insurance, a proposed class of retirees said Wednesday, alleging that the cost-cutting switchover would violate "clear and unambiguous promises" for higher-quality coverage.

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Former DHS Disinformation Expert Sues Fox News for Defamation

The Mehdi Hasan Show


"They meant to outrage their viewers and burn Nina into some 1984-type monster." @Max_E_Rodriguez on representing former DHS official Nina Jankowicz in her defamation suit against Fox.

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What happened to Nina Jankowicz when Fox News came for her

Stefano Kotsonis, Meghna Chakrabarti


Nina Jankowicz is an expert on disinformation. So the federal government hired her.

"Last year, when I was appointed to lead a body within the Department of Homeland Security to counter disinformation, disinformation and hate speech came for ... me and my family," Jankowicz says. "And for the past year, we've been dealing with threats, harassment and worse."

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Fox News sued for defamation by ex-government disinformation chief

Betsy Reed


The former head of a disinformation group created by the US Department of Homeland Security has sued Fox News for defamation, saying its attacks threatened her safety.

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Ex-head of DHS disinformation governance board sues Fox News for defamation

Luke Barr


The former executive director of the Department of Homeland Security's short-lived disinformation board is suing Fox News for defamation, in the same court where the network just settled its suit with Dominion Voting Systems.

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Fox Gets Yet Another Defamation Suit In Delaware State Court

Liz Dye


Fox News just wrote a $787 million check to Dominion Voting Systems after spending months defaming the company on its airwaves. Among the lawyers representing Dominion in that case were Brian and Michael Farnan of the Wilmington, Delaware, firm Farnan LLP. And so Fox is probably not thrilled to see their names on a new defamation complaint filed in the Superior Court of the Delaware on behalf of former Department of Homeland Security official Nina Jankowicz

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